Ms. Sue's Swimming
Class Procedures

We will do our best to keep your child safe, having fun and learning and we all enjoy our jobs!  Out entire staff is certified in Life guarding, CPR, First Aid, and an 18 hour course as a Water Safety Instructor Aid.  

Parents do not watch the classes which encourages the children to pay attention to the instructor.  Ms. Sue has found over the years that this really does work best.  If a child is too upset, it can be moved to a lower level class at any time. We have plenty of parking, even across the street, and provide chairs under the fans with books, magazines & toys on the front porch. 



All classes have a skill chart posted near the pool everyday shows your child's progress.  A check means they have completed the skill, an "A" means they were absent and will be caught up, a blank space means they are still working on that skill.  Please check for the correct name, spelling and phone number.

When a child completes all the skills & the assessment in one level, they are ready to move to the next level of lessons.  Swimming is a skill being learned in a new environment (water) and requires practice..  You do not pass or fail a class because you must learn the necessary skills before you can participate in the next level.  Like any other sport, you improve as you practice   There is no pass or fail in baseball, etc. Swimming is a sport that is not only fun but could possibly save your life someday.

Days that it rains are used for Safety Lessons.  If a class is canceled it will be recorded on the answering machine 30 minutes prior to the class, if possible. If it is not raining here, we are in the pool. We always exit the pool to safety when there is lightning.

One parent or approved guardian or relative will attend the class IN the pool with the student. Arrangements for other children should be made since your full attention is needed for the student in the pool.
Parents are requested to bring the students to the edge of the pool and stay until the student is comfortable.  Also pick them up from the side of the pool.  A loud whistle is blown twice at the end of this class so the parents can move toward the pool.
Levels 1 - 6
Parents are not permitted in the pool area during class.  We hope you are comfortable on the front or side porch, swing, picnic table or in your car.  This helps the student to concentrate on their skills.

Our Kids Learn to Swim!
#1 Rule - Have Fun!

Pool Rules

Student must wear swimsuit, no cutoffs, goggles or nose plugs.
Ear plugs for medical reasons only.

       Hair must be secured out of face.           

Please make sure your child has a towel.

No smoking, food, drink or gum allowed in pool area.

No running, horseplay or climbing on rocks or trees.

Please deliver and pick up students promptly.  Students are to remain in
pool area and on deck until picked up.  Beware of electric fence around
outside yard area marked by yellow electric signs.

Parents are not permitted in the pool area during class, except for the
last day when the students will show the skills they have learned.

No diving or jumping into the pool unless instructed to do so by 
an instructor.  

 * Any special physical limitations must be reported to in writing on application.

Children & any water safety instructors with a fever or open wounds are not allowed in the pool.

Infants (6 mos. & up), preschool and toddlers are required to wear
"swim diapers" in the pool. 

Progress reports will be posted daily on the bulletin board.

Please keep all areas litter free and clean.

Please remember to take clothing, towel, shoes, etc. home with you.

The first rainy day in a session is not canceled but utilized for Safety lessons.  If there is no lightning here, we will be in the pool. Call 615 459 5124 for information

Students who complete the Requirements for a level will receive a certificate for that level the last day of class.  Others will receive a learning certificate. Please keep them so you will know which level to attend next.

 Remember as long as you are learning, you are progressing.


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